Nighttime Recharge Face Oil replenishes your skin while you sleep, and our dry oil combo won't leave your skin feeling or looking oily, only nourished. With 750 mg per bottle, this is one of the highest concentrations on the market. 


Made with hemp-derived CBD, rosehip oil, and red raspberry seed oil, this oil targets:

  • smoothing of fine lines, improves skin texture
  • redness reduction
  • reduces acne-causing oils
  • deep layers of healing


The what's in it and why:

  • Cannabidiol (CBD) : anti-inflammatory, oil production control, healing properties
  • Sunflower oil : unclogs pores, high in Vitamin E
  • Rosehip oil : texture smoothing, anti-aging properties
  • Red Raspberry seed oil : anti-inflammatory, repairs dry skin 

Nighttime Recharge Face Oil

  • CBD works to heal and reduce inflammation in the body, this shows up as redness in our face. Along with rosehip oil for its anti-aging properties, and dryness-repairing red raspberry seed oil, your skin is replenished and repaired while you sleep.


    Contains 100% hemp-derived CBD, no psychoactive component.


    Clean, green, nontoxic skincare : No synthetic fragrance. No parabens. No formaldehyde. No triclosan. 


    Instructions for Use:

    1. cleanse

    2. toner

    3. CBD Charged Serum

    4. Nighttime Recharge Oil


    May be used with other skincare products; non-reactive, non-inflammatory.


    May be used AM and PM, recommended for PM.