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Ingredient Labels are Nutrition Labels for our Skin

We have all heard the phrase “We are what we eat”. There are many articles and studies done to prove our diet influences our physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Choosing a nutritious diet optimizes the functions of the body and mind, in return we feel and look great. Most of us go to the grocery store, seeking the freshest and most organic produce, to prepare meals and take proper care of our body. Now, let us apply the same care and love we give to our inner body and extend it to our largest organ: our skin. You might ask “what does my skin have in common with my inner body function?” Well, a lot! Choosing a fresh salad over something deep fried is not hard to label as a healthy diet. We know that we are feeding our cells nutritious food, which gives us more energy, less fat, and it also results in better gut bacteria. In return, we are less likely to store unwanted fat, feel heavy and bloated or depressed and tired.

Our skin is the largest external organ in the body, and also one of the most complicated. What we do to take care of it matters just as much as the rest of our body. Most of us do not realize how common it is to have unhealthy skin due to our skincare habits or lack thereof; the National Library of Medicine has discovered more than 3000 skin disorders.

We benefit from paying greater attention to the labels of the products we apply on our skin as the ingredient label is the equivalent of a nutrition label for your skin. In our blog post series, we share information that will help you choose the healthier, more nutritious ingredients available to you. Healthy skin starts with being curious about our options and doing our due diligence to research the ingredients label and choose the optimal benefit to our skin needs. It is worth looking after your skin, after all, it’s what you have for the rest of your life.

Let us look closely at some of the skin disorders found by The National Library of Medicine and how certain ingredients can aid in their treatment. A study made in 2018 by the National Rosacea Society found that an estimated 415 million people are affected by the condition worldwide, yet only 18% of Americans with rosacea are currently under medical treatment for their condition. This suggests a large group of those with this condition may not be treating it. Rosacea is a chronic skin disorder, meaning continuous or ongoing and while women are more commonly affected than men, the affected areas usually are more severe in men. Although rosacea is chronic, it is a treatable condition.

There are many topical ingredients known to aid in the treatment of rosacea used in clinical trials and suggested by dermatologists, one of those is Azelaic Acid, which is suggested by dermatologists to treat rosacea as well as acne. Clinical studies have shown that azelaic acid 15% gel is an effective and safe first-line topical therapeutic option in patients with mild-to-moderate papulopustular rosacea and treatment is suitable generally for all skin types.

This key ingredient is highlighted in our Vit C Perfecting Serum, proven to be clinically effective and targets skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and acne, as well as containing anti-aging and antioxidant-rich Green Tea Extract. Daily use of this serum also enhances collagen production and serves as a protective barrier for the skin by delivering essential antioxidants. Sticking to a consistent skincare regimen is critical, because your skin cells are shedding on a daily basis. Avoiding dull skin, full of imperfections, requires that you cultivate a healthy and sustainable skincare routine.

Improving your quality of life is closely tied to taking care of your mind and body. Choosing the right ingredients to put on your body to enhance and maintain your largest external organ is critical when adopting a skincare regimen. Having beautiful, healthy skin as we grow older means committing to smart choices in life about what we feed ourselves and our skin; there is no doubt that prevention is easier than fixing a problem.

Today can be the beginning of one of your most important health journeys in life - what will you choose: natural or synthetic?

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